Lucky day

Kasper had his best day in weeks last friday. Even though he had to be changed into new clothes three times (pukes, diaper leaks, etc) – it ended up being his mother’s lucky day! I even got to make a skirt!  Maybe his lucky-clover suit helped…?

Kasper – almost 8 weeks (June 2012)

To be honest, I took this photo to see similarities with Lene again. Kasper didn’t help all too much, because he didn’t want to put his head down, like his relaxed baby sister had done slightly more than a year ago.

Lene – 12 weeks (April 2011)

Still, I think the similarities are striking…

7 thoughts on “Lucky day

  1. meijeranneke

    K is inderdaad een beer geworden en ik heb hem slechts 10 dagen niet gezien….. @


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