The 25 cents baby pants

At the local fabric shop I bought a meter of what we would call ‘baby ribfluweel’, which is fine corduroy, suitable for baby clothing. It was only 1 euro! I think I can make at least four baby pants out of it, so that is why we call this the 25 c baby pants.

As you can see, it is not really 25 cents pants, for I bought a little ladybug to go onto the little-lady-butt.

I had some nerves on whether the pants were long enough / wide enough / not too big. I was very relieved that the pants fitted this morning! Only the elastic in the waistband is a bit too wide, I will solve that tonight. For now, the pants are needed to go and discover new things.

I used the wonderful Basic Baby Pants pattern from Rae, which I enlarged considerably, since my little one is not so little anymore. So I added 3 centimeters of width along the whole length, 4 centimeters height at the waist and 5 centimeters at the bottom. The newborn pants than turns (roughly) into a dutch size 74/80, which is approximately for a 9 months old baby.  It is time I buy the famous B3P’s from Rae, to make sure the next pants are allright too. And it’s always nice to support pattern makers who also share their skills in such an amount as for example Rae does!  When you are a beginner in sewing land, do check out Rae’s blog: it has great starting tips and projects! Thanks again, Rae.


3 thoughts on “The 25 cents baby pants

  1. Gera de Heus

    Lene is hard op weg “Hollands next topmodel” te worden, staat haar erg goed.




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