Summerdress copy

Okay, so I did some sewing and I got excited. Maybe slightly overexcited. But once upon a time I made a dress for myself (it was for a wedding that I cared about a lot, so it ended up depriving me of some serious sleep but it worked out in the end) and I thought that maybe I could make another one. So I started project copy-dress. I have a dress that I like a lot and it’s an easy dress to wear – even when nursing a baby and that says something! The original is the blue dress, on the left.

The right one is the first result of my copying. These are the fabrics in close-up, because you don’t see the dots on the above pictures.

I’m not all too satisfied. For one thing, the top is too long on the front and more importantly: it is too wide below …uhm… below the curves 🙂 Moreover, I cut the skirt too narrow on the upper side, so it doesn’t have as many wrinkles as the original dress, making it less flattering.  So… I’ll just have to unpick it again and change the top. To be continued…

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