Happy 2011 for everyone!!

Ok, so I outed as a worthless blogger: Christmas was coming up and a week of vacation would be ending with a bang on New Year’s Eve. Time enough to do some blogging, one would say… Not true, in my case! We enjoyed our days off, all of the holidays, did some (baby)shopping, saw good friends, etc… I wish all of you a very very good and healthy 2011 – may your dreams come true!

Here is some pics of the baby-room. The cradle and a little bench. The blanket on the bench was made by the grandmother of Rens, for her grandsons and now his mother gave it  over to us for her next grandchild! It fits really nicely in the baby room and I’m very happy with it.

Next time I’ll post some belly pics. You’ll be surprised: it’s turning huge!


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