Outdoor waiting

There is this scandinavian habit of letting your baby / child sleep outdoors. And for whatever reason, the strollers are really big in Denmark and Sweden – and I suppose this is no different for Norway. Enough space in the houses, apparently. But not in the shops and pubs. Moreover, you would have to undress your baby, keep it busy and everything. No, better let it wait for a second or sleep for an hour outdoors. That delivers this funny sight of ‘forgotten babies’. In the US they would arrest you for it (the story goes that actually happened to a Danish mother who left her baby outside a store in a big American city), but I rather like the atmosphere around it!


3 thoughts on “Outdoor waiting

  1. Anne

    When I leave the stroller in the (public) hallway at the pediatrician’s office, I get nervous it might get stolen. And the baby’s not even in it! Funny people, those Danes! (great photo collage btw!)

    1. Jo Post author

      I think I would have the same in the NLs, afraid it would be stolen. But often (when you’re in a pub, for example) they would have a view on it. And some use locks for the stroller when it’s outside for a longer period – without the baby in that case.
      I use Picasa now: great program!!

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