Den Sorte Diamant

One of my favorite places in CPH is the Royal Library. The new part – the Black Diamond (bottom left picture) – is beautiful, with a nice coffee bar that has a great view over the water (top right picture) to Christianshavn. From within the new part you can actually reach the old library, which has beautiful reading rooms that Oxford wouldn’t be ashamed of. Only today I discovered the old main entrance and the Biblioteks have – the library’s garden – with an enchanting fountain. Had a nice time in the sun before entering the State’s archives. With no results whatsoever, but that’s a less interesting story.


2 thoughts on “Den Sorte Diamant

  1. Anne

    Oh well, maybe no results, but you had a good time, and that counts for something. By the way, I think the Bibliotesk would make an excellent location for an exciting Scandinavian thriller!

    1. Jo Post author

      Haha, de foto van de buitenkant is in de winter genomen. Weinig diamanterigs, hè? Maar echt heel mooi als de zon op het water er voor schijnt. Zoals deze dagen! Zijn wij er niet geweest toen jullie bij ons waren?


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